Paolo Riccardi, IT Professional
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I am Paolo, Computer Science enthusiast since childhood and, more recently, IT Professional .

In 2005 I set myself up as a freelancer in the IT scene, and what started as a good way to pay the bills while studying at the University ended up as a great way to build up my skills and knowledges and improve my know-how and myself as a professional as well.
I was born in Benevento, but I currently live in Florence (Italy), where I graduated in Computer Science (BS & MS cum laude) and where I work as a Solution Architect at Hesplora Srl, a tech Startup.

If you want to cut it short you can just download my CV.

This website came out primarily as a small resume for everything that's related to my professional activity and achievements, so you can find more details about my education, my working experience and my skills in the Professional page.

If you're wondering how you can contact me just go to the Contacts page, you will also find the links to the repositories for some of my opensource code.

I like to keep my mind open and greedy, so I usually spend my free time in my favourite activities. I hold a second degree black belt in Aikido of which I'm a recognized instructor, I love cooking, hiking and taking photographs and I still enjoy playing guitar sometime.

Last, but not least, to have a snippet of what I'm into, or onto, at the moment: interesting links, computer science papers and new technologies hopefully you'll find something monthly in the Linenoise page.

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